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Orlando Soria's Tips To Get Your Sh*t Together In Your Home

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Photographed by Zeke Ruelas for Get It Together.
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I've always put a tremendous amount of importance on my home, what it looks like, and how it is organized. Maybe it's because I'm a Cancer (my birthday is July 5, SEND PRESENTS) or because I am a shut-in who rarely goes outside. I have always been very concerned with making my personal space as beautiful as possible. In my revolutionary, eye-popping new book Get It Together! (out April 17 from Prestel, available everywhere books are sold!), my main goal was to show people that they already have the know-how to make their house look amazing. 

The best types of homes are ones that don't look like they were styled by a fancy designer who came in and made everything matchy and gross. While I am a fan of some high design, I tend to be attracted more to spaces that tell a story about who lives there. I want to walk into a space and learn about who you are, where you are from, and what your aspirations are. My book will show you how to accomplish this, but I'm also giving you a little preview here. See below for my top 19 tips for getting it together at home.