Photographed by Zeke Ruelas for Get It Together.
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Work With Your House’s Style
Get It Together! teaches you ways to design many different styles of homes, from mid-century Palm Springs to Spanish Revival. Something I run into all the time is people who have a house that's one style who want it to be something totally different.

For the most part, going against your home's architecture is going to backfire. Don't buy a mid-century house and fill it with French Provincial furniture. You can add eclectic elements, but making sure that at least some of the furnishings reference the home's innate style helps ground the look and keep it from looking disjointed. In this space, I incorporated a lot of contemporary and rustic pieces into a Spanish Revival home. The rug references a trellis pattern, which is traditionally found in many Spanish designs and thus helps relate the look of the furnishings to the home.