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Our Fave Picks From Chris Benz's Chairish Sale

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Photographed by Leslie Unruh.
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Chris Benz, the star designer and current Creative Director of Bill Blass, has some serious style. And it isn't just limited to his main medium of fashion. Benz has enviable décor pieces from his travels all around the world. So when he decided to sell a few of his finds on Chairish, we had to check it out.

Benz explained his reasoning behind his Chairish sale, saying, “I’m a collector at heart - some call it hoarding - but I also think it's so rewarding putting your treasures back into the universe. Keep everything in flow! I love introducing people to new interesting things. I have a tremendous Sascha Brastoff collection, so it's bittersweet to part with these pieces, but there's only so much room to store platters.”

Click through and see our favorites from his sale. Be warned. These original pieces will sell out fast.