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Pack Your Bags NOW Because This Maui Beach Cottage Is Calling

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Photographed by Kate Holstein for Beach Cottage Maui.
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If you needed any additional excuse to head to Hawaii, we’ve got a good one for you. A beachside vacation home with extensive attention to every design detail? We’ll take it! At Beach Cottage Maui, ocean breezes meet mid-century modern with just a touch of the tropics.

Owners George and Angela Hensler purchased the 1940s plantation cottage on Maui’s north shore and gave the property some much-deserved TLC. Inspired by the pure sleek forms of mid-century French design, the pair outfitted it with minimalist furniture and art to add to the light-filled space and complement the island's gorgeous surroundings.

Boasting laid-back luxury and just steps from the water's edge, the rental is truly Paradise Found.