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Peek Inside A Beachside Home Designed For Hosting

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Photographed by Brittany Ambridge.
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What do you get when you ask for a home specifically for frequent gatherings, oceanside feels, and minimalist luxury? A neutral-toned oasis complete with design-minded details and plenty of views.

Vanessa Alexander, designer of the Carbon Beach home and founder of Alexander Design, remastered the house to take full advantage of its extensive light and natural surroundings.  

"My clients vision for the home was a beach retreat to have large parties," Alexander explains. "They are really into entertaining and wanted a space to match their open door policy which often leads to hosting groups of 20 or 30 guests, so we wanted to make a space for them that was sophisticated and luxurious but also comfortable and welcoming for their children and friends." With an open-floor plan and warm color palette, the designer created a modern yet inviting oasis.