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Pierce Brown's Bachelor Pad Brings The Drama To A Cali Cool Space

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Photographed by Amy Bartlam.
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When a sci-fi author turns to an interior designer to give his space a stylish update, the results can be out of this world. This is exactly what happened when Pierce Brown, the writer of the Red Rising series, hired Joyce Downing Pickens of jdp interiors to find and design a home.

“It was a brand new build,” shares Pickens. “Great bones, but as modern builds go these days it was a bit cold and absolutely everything was gray — floors, cabinets, railings, doors. So it needed a little warming up.”

“It was a super collaborative process! We truly melded our two styles and challenged each other along the way,” she explains. “Pierce’s previous home was in an old 1920s building and was full to the brim with antique books, industrial shelves, and old English armchairs. Then to come into something so modern!”

After light renovations and finding some key pieces, Pickens was able to create a Cali-cool bachelor pad with a mix of unique natural accents and touches of drama. Take a peek into the pages of this cool design process.