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Pretty Fitness Studios That Will Make You Want To Work Out

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Courtesy of Happy Melon Studio.
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If we have to choose a workout worthy of waking up at the crack of dawn or skipping happy hour, you bet it’s going to be one where we can take design inspo notes in between reps.

Clever boutique studios and gyms all over have figured this out, especially the celeb favorites charging nearly a month’s worth of gym fees for a single class.

In order to fill their member rosters and our Instagram feed, they’re tapping sought after architects and airy residential themes to create urban retreat-style spaces.

While many fall under the mindful movement category, even Crossfit boxes and boxing gyms are going all-in on 5-star digs. From celeb hotspots in LA to lakeside in Como, these are the gyms so pretty they can convince us to choose to sweat over that last hour of shut-eye.