37 Rug Ideas For Every Room In The House

Rug shopping should be simple; these 37 picks are affordable, stylish, and optimized for every room of the house.

Courtesy of Wayfair.

In theory, rug shopping should be simple; you pick a color and a pattern, you bring it home, and you roll it across your floor. In actuality, though, picking the perfect area rug requires a lot of consideration. Once you've pinpointed which style you're looking for, you then need to consider sizing, material, pile, and construction techniques — and all of the aforementioned come with a lot of terminology.

First, you should measure your space to figure out how big your rug should be. This will differ from room to room, but typically, the larger the space, the larger the rug. In a living room or dining room, your rug should be big enough to incorporate all your main pieces of furniture. (If your couches, chairs, and tables can't all fit on top of it, they should at least be touching it.) For bedrooms and offices, area rugs can either highlight the furniture or tie it all together, but experts suggest larger rugs if you're looking for a quieter environment; a wall-to-wall area rug will help to dampen external sounds

Next, consider which rug material is best for your needs. There are two main categories (natural or synthetic), and your choice will impact the durability, feel, and cost. Natural fabrics like wool and cotton will feel great under foot, but they're usually pretty expensive and can stain if not properly cared for; plant fiber rugs, on the other hand, are durable and usually pretty cheap, but they have a rougher feel and a distinctly rustic style. When it comes to synthetic materials, the most common are nylon, polypropylene, and polyester; these are not as easily-damaged, but they're also not as soft as wool or cotton. 

Usually, natural-fiber rugs belong inside, while synthetic rugs can handle the elements if constructed properly... And speaking of construction, there are various techniques used when creating rugs. Tufted and hooked rugs will be softer and have thicker piles, while woven rugs will be flatter, but more resistant to dirt, stains, and wear.  

So now that you're familiar with the terms, it's onto the fun part. Check out these 37 rug ideas for every room in the house; they're optimized for each specific space, so you can narrow down your favorites without all the hassle.

For The Bedroom

You've spent ample time choosing the right bedroom furniture and the most soothing wall color. The ideal rug for your bedroom will tie the whole thing together — and help the room to feel like a calming oasis. 

When it comes to your sleeping space, consider a larger rug. A pick that stretches from wall to wall will help to absorb sounds and keep your bedroom especially quiet while you're trying to rest. As far as patterns and colors, avoid anything overly busy or bright. Choose a subtle, peaceful option that's conducive to relaxation — like blue, which is considered the most calming shade, or a pale gray, which can feel soft and serene

The Honora Chenille rug from Urban Outfitters utilizes a Persian pattern to catch the eye, but because of the powder blue color and faded bohemian look, it's still surprisingly calming. This pick has a soft, low pile that's made from 100 percent cotton. The fringed trim further compliments the charming, vintage look. It's ideal for smaller bedrooms, since the largest available size is five-by-seven feet. 

Urban Outfitters 5' by 7' Honora Printed Chenille Rug, $189, Urban Outfitters


For something a little more daring, there's the Faustina area rug from Wrought Studio. Thanks to the thicker pile and all-cotton construction, this rug will cushion your feet and help to block exterior sounds — especially when you opt for the largest size, which measures 11 by 15. The ombre blue-and-turquoise burst is enough to provide a pop of color without overwhelming the room. (If you're looking for something a bit smaller and subtler, this rug comes in 24 sizes and shapes, as well as a gray and ivory option.)

Wrought Studio 6'7" by 9' Faustina Cotton Area Rug, $200, AllModern


It's rare that a rug is understated and intriguing simultaneously, but the La Cima from The Citizenry pulls it off. With its muted gray design against a soft white background, this rug brings the patterns and fabrics of Mexico into your bedroom. It's handwoven and hand-dyed by a cooperative of weavers from Oaxaca, and since it's made from 100 percent real sheep's wool, it's soft, durable, and quiet under-foot. 

The Citizenry La Cima 6' by 9' Grey Area Rug, $1,175, The Citizenry


For The Living Room

The right living room rug will warm up the area, so it feels like an inviting space for reading, Netflix, and Saturday-afternoon naps. That said, it's also your chance to make a statement. Tie the rug into your existing decor to really drive the style home, or accent with eye-catching colors, busy patterns, and interesting textures. You could even consider layering a few rugs for a unique look that's all your own. 

This pick is hand-dyed using real indigo plants, which is why it has such a vibrant, deep hue. It's handwoven from quality sheep's wool, which makes it easy to care for as well as easy to love. Thanks to the intricate Zapotec designs, this rug is a great way to make a statement without over-saturating your color scheme. Pair it with blues, browns, beiges, and whites for a living space that feels cozy, but contemporary

The Citizenry Piedra Azul 6' by 9' Area Rug, $1,175, The Citizenry


Alright —so you're a big fan of neutral colors, and bold palettes just aren't your thing. That's okay; you can still transform your living space using texture and interesting patterns. The Pointillist Geo rug is comprised of soft grays and neutral off-whites, but the raised, textured design is the real draw. It's made from woven wool, viscose, and cotton, and reviewers can't stop raving about it:  "The colors are muted, but the design brings some spice to neutral spaces. Ties my gray couch and creme chairs and gray-washed coffee table together perfectly! Highly recommend."

Anthropologie 8' by 10' Pointillist Geo Rug, $998, Anthropologie


You may be a little hesitant to decorate with yellow, but some say it's making a huge comeback for several reasons. For one, it'll boost your mood and amplify light as well as depth. For another, it'll bring out the best in other colors. The Toth rug fades from a bright yellow into a charcoal gray for an ombre piece that'll compliment cheerful tones as well as darker accents. It has a thick, shag-like pile that reviewers call "super plush" and "very soft." This one is available in 11 different sizes and three different shapes, including a perfect square and a couple runners. 

Wrought Studio 6' by 9' Toth Yellow Ombre Rug, $312, AllModern


If you're looking for unique and colorful, this is the pick for you. The original Mangas collection redefined the way that area rugs function in a space; these pieces aim to capture the cozy, wool comfort and daring patterns associated with hand-knit sweaters. The rectangular rug picture above ties in several colors, textures, and patterns for a piece that'll never look out of place — but this rug is also available in several other original shapes you won't see anywhere else. Curvy runners, snow-globe shaped pieces, and asymmetrical poufs will help you to create a homey aesthetic that's exclusive to your personality. 

Gan Rugs 4'9" by 9'10" Mangas Original Space Collection, $3,590, Lumens


It doesn't get much more low-maintenance than this. The Umbra makes a for a chic, modern accent piece thanks to its charcoal-and-white cross pattern. That said, it won't require much upkeep to keep it looking this classy. How come? This rug is made for both indoors and out, which means its polypropylene construction can handle spills, moisture, stains, fading, and high-traffic. For that reason, this pick is ideal for households with pets, children, or accident-prone adults. 

Umbria 5'3" by 7'6" Charcoal Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, $199, AllModern


For The Dining Room

Not everyone is a fan of rugs under dining room tables, but we think it transforms the space into a high-style room and adds softness and texture to an area that's usually over-saturated with hard surfaces.

Designer Frank de Biasi told Elle Decor, "When choosing carpet for the dining room, I insist on a cut pile wool carpet… With all that dragging of chairs across it and potential food or wine spills, it is the most user-friendly to clean and withstand wear.” If wool is too expensive or high-maintenance, synthetic materials with low piles (like  polyesther, nylon, and vinyl) are often durable, affordable, and easy to care for. No matter what material you pick, all your dining furniture should still fit comfortably on the rug when the chairs are pulled out. 

Available in two sizes (one for six-foot tables and one for four-foot tables), the Citizenry Trenza palm rug adds a rustic, natural touch to any round dining area. Everything about this rug is relaxed, from its hand-braided texture to its easy-to-clean palm leaf construction. Reviewers also say it "repels water," so it's a safe pick should something spill. 

The Citizenry 6' Trenza Palm Rug, $195, The Citizenry


If wool isn't within your budget, a wool-mimicking fabric is the next best thing. The Greenlee rug is made from resilient polyester, so it can handle foot-traffic, spills, and spot-cleaning — but the softer texture and cut pile makes it look like a wool rug. This pick has an abstract but muted design; it ties in blues, grays, and whites for a modern coastal look that'll hide crumbs and discolorations until chore day. 

Brayden Studio 5' by 7'6"Greenlee Area Rug, $276, AllModern


This pick utilizes a wool and nylon pile that repels stains and creates a stylish accent for high-traffic areas. It's plush and cozy, but the diagonal geometric shapes and lively colors add a contemporary touch to any dining room. So far, this pick has an incredible 4.8-star rating between more than 250 reviewers. "It is the perfect combination of pastel blues, rose, taupe and mustard," one reviewer writes. "I have kept an extremely neutral room waiting for the perfect color combination and this was it."

Langley Street 5' by 8' Gold Geometric Area Rug, $664, Wayfair

With an earthy color palette of off-white, black, olive, and tan, the San Pedro area rug marries striking hues with clean patterns. It also utilizes the all-wool construction that designer Frank de Biasi prefers for the dining room. Since it's hand-stitched, hand-dyed, and hand-loomed, every inch of this rug was created with care to ensure long-term quality and style. In case of stubborn stains, this pick can be spot-cleaned or professionally dry-cleaned. 

The Citizenry 6' by 9' San Pedro Area Rug, $1,475, The Citizenry


For The Entryway

The entryway or foyer is the first room that your guests see when they visit your home. This is an opportunity for you to set the tone for the rest of your house and make the space look inviting — and a classy rug is one of the easiest ways to warm up the area. That said, make sure it can handle dirt and moisture, because it's typically the first barrier against muddy footprints. If you get a lot of foot traffic (or have kids, pets, or guests every night of the week), consider an indoor-outdoor rug; it'll cost less, and it'll stand up well to stains and wear. 

Despite the bright, airy color, this pick was made for households with high-traffic. In fact, the Moser hand-braided rug is so durable against water, dirt, and wear, you could even place it outside. The quarter-inch braided pile is made from 100 percent polypropylene, which repels water and wipes clean, and reviewers say they don't know how to adequately "express how much [they] love this rug." 

Wade Logan Moser 5' by 8' Hand-Braided Outdoor Rug, $143, AllModern


For the entryway, you should opt for something with a lower pile. (The fluffier the pile, the more easily it'll grab onto dirt and stains. A low-lying rug will also allow the door to swing smoothly back and forth if placed right in front of the entrance.) The Redbrook gray area rug from Joss & Main adds texture and depth in the form of a hand-tufted diamond pattern. That said, it's also made from 100 percent cotton, which is durable, affordable, and can be easily cleaned in case of stains. You can get this piece in 11 different shapes and sizes, including runners. 

Redbrook 8' by 10' Gray Area Rug, $305, Joss & Main


According to HGTV, a thoughtfully-placed pop of color will "move the eye throughout the room to find new and interesting elements." In this case, it'll also move your guests from the door to the living space.  The Montauk Gemma rug is charming but bold, thanks to its flat-weave pattern and royal blue tassels. It's a great pick for a coastal cottage  or a cozy, modern craftsman with tons of character. Since it's made from cotton, it can be vacuumed, clipped, and spot-cleaned. 

Montauk 3' by 5' Gemma Rug, $66, Maisonette


If a fluffy, warm pile is really calling to you for the foyer, go for polypropylene — a material often used in outdoor rugs. The cut-pile Clair rug will feel especially inviting under foot, but it's power-loomed and durable for busy spaces.  Reviewers say the distressed pattern is "super neutral and will go well with blues, greens and of course grays," but it's still "interesting and unique" enough to complete the room. 

Mistana 5' by 7'5" Clair Gray Area Rug, $259, Wayfair


For The Bathroom

Bathrooms are warm, damp places, and not all textiles can handle that. Any rugs you place in the bathroom should be quick-drying and capable of surviving the washing machine. That way, you can keep mold, makeup stains, and bacteria in check. (Splurge on quality here, because cheaper rugs will fall apart after a couple washes!)

The Parachute bathroom rug takes the place of your bath mat, but really classes up the space with its fluffy tassels and hand-knit design. It's woven from chunky, long-staple Turkish cotton yarn, and you can throw it in the machine with some cold water and mild detergent when it starts to get dirty. This pick also comes in stone gray if you're looking to add some bold contrast to your bathroom

Parachute 20" by 32" Hand-Knit Turkish Cotton Rug, $69, Parachute


This luxury bath mat from Snowe is so soft and plush, you may find yourself dragging it across the tiles so you can stand on it while you get ready, too. It's made from cotton, but the manufacturers utilize  innovative Japanese technology that spins the fibers with air for greater absorbency. The result? A bathroom rug that can actually stand up to washing, water drips, and humidity. 

Snowe 20" by 32" Luxury Cotton Bath Mat, $25, Snowe


You'll be hard-pressed to find a bath rug that's anything but rectangular — but the Gottschalk crocheted rug brings a touch of unexpected charm and comfort  to your bathroom with its circular design. Despite the dainty, doily-like style, this pick is made from 100 percent cotton and is fully machine-washable. Get it in arctic, beige, gray, or ivory. 

Gottschalk 36" Crochet Border Tufted Bath Rug, $48, AllModern


For The Kitchen

Not everyone's on board with a rug in the kitchen, but opting for rather than against will add some warm texture to break up all that wood and granite. Kitchen rugs can also absorb liquid spills to keep you from slipping

Busy patterns and darker colors will ensure that stains and water drips are less noticeable. This rug should also be somewhat washable and resistant to moisture. Smaller rugs are best here; you’re looking for an accent, not floor-to-floor coverage, which makes tiles and hardwood harder to clean. (For more options, be sure to check out our full article on the best kitchen rugs.) 

If you have a large, wide-open kitchen, a circular rug in the middle can pull the space together and make it look more inviting — but it won't take up the whole footprint, either. The Calisa printed rug uses a block-inspired print in warm, modern colors. It's pre-worn for that lived-in, boho feel, but it's made from 100 percent cotton, so you can spot-clean it when the kitchen starts to look too lived-in. 

Calisa Block 5' Printed Rug, $99, Urban Outfitters


This one is simple, but oh-so-satisfying. The comfort kitchen mat from Bouck is designed for placement in front of the stove or sink. It's covered in PVC vinyl, so moisture and stains will simply wipe away, but the interior provides ergonomic support that cushions your feet and relieves pressure. (When you're faced with a sink full of dishes, that's a god-send.) This pick is available in seven solid colors to match any decor. 

Bouck 20" by 30" Comfort Kitchen Mat, $47, AllModern


Constructed from hand-dyed sheep's wool, the Camino accent rug makes for a luxurious addition to your cooking space. It's also absorbent and surprisingly durable thanks to the care that went into making it. This pick is best for kitchens with islands, peninsulas, or a galley layout, as the three different runner lengths will effortlessly stretch in between obstructions. 

The Citizenry 2' by 3' Camino Accent Rug, $155, The Citizenry


This runner is halfway between a mat and a rug to keep things both stylish and sanitary. It's made from easy-to-clean synthetic fiber, but it also has a low, comfortable pile that reduces fatigue and foot pressure — plus the no-slip backing means it'll actually stay in place, which is a must when you're crossing the kitchen with a pot of boiling water. 

Bloomsbury Market 2'2" by 4'11" Kitchen Runner, $45, Wayfair


For The Home Office

This is where all the creative magic happens — or it's where you answer 200 e-mails a day. Either way, your home office should be bright, inspiring, and uplifting. This is the spot for bold colors and busy patterns, because (unlike the bedroom), you want the juices flowing the second you walk in. Go for a medium-height pile that's comfortable, but not too comfortable; floor naps should be possible, but not encouraged. 

With its unique geometric patterns and bright colors, the Bungalow Rose area rug is anything but boring. It's well-suited for a fun, creative home office because it's lively and likely to boost your mood. The power-loomed polypropylene is soft, but suited for high-traffic, and the palette jumps all over the color wheel for an accent piece in an otherwise neutral space

Bungalow Rose 6'7" by 9' Hollington Area Rug, 81, Wayfair


For something a tad more reserved, there's the Monte Contemporary botanical rug. With its muted hues and soft, curving lines, this pick inspires an overall feeling of zen. It's surprisingly plush and cozy, but the mix of greens and blues will stimulate concentration and productivity while keeping your stress levels to a minimum. 

Monte Contemporary 8' by 10' Botanical Rug, $459, Joss & Main


Cowhide rugs are an easy way to add some rustic elegance to any room of the house, and that includes the home office. For a darker, more masculine work space, the Binx cowhide ties in browns and beiges; that said, it can also contrast lighter elements in an office with a bright color-scheme. Despite the authentic feel and extremely high ratings, this rug is actually faux fur — but reviewers say they can barely tell

Binx 5' by 6'6" Powerloomed Faux Cowhide, $299, AllModern


Whether you have a small, square office, or you're trying to designate a work space in a multi-purpose area, a round rug is probably the best option. This Kinto rug from Urban Outfitters features a sunburst pattern in your pick of three muted colors. Since it's geometric and bohemian-inspired at the same time, it'll pull to multiple design styles, but still provides the warmth and softness you're looking for. 

Kinto 5' Round Printed Rug, $79, Urban Outfitters


Here at Lonny, we absolutely love Persian rugs because they allow you to play with color and pattern within the boundaries of a piece that'll never go out of style. The Ashburn rug utilizes saturated hues in a distressed design that'll brighten up the room. Its low pile is soft, but easy to care for, and stands up particularly well totraffic.  

Ashburn 5' by 7'7" Multi-Colored Area Rug, $569, AllModern


For Kids' Rooms

Whether you're decorating a child's bedroom or a playroom, an area rug can help to soften the space. Bold colors and fun patterns will inspire play, but don’t forget about practicality — you’ll want something that’s both comfortable and washable. After all, this rug will probably be showered with its fair share of crayon shavings, so durability is as crucial as ever. 

Inspired by traditional Spanish weavings (which are called, "Ojo de Dios"), this rug from Lorena Canals features cute, colorful designs against a neutral background. Despite the fact that it's fluffy and accented with tassels, this pick can be washed and tumble dried in the machine. Baby-proofing a nursery has never been easier. 

Lorena Canals 4'6" by 6'6" Kaarol Washable Rug, $269, Maisonette


Consider Little Stones the city road map rug of the new generation. Yes, they provide texture and cushioning, but they also inspire play with their stepping-stone design. Since they're hand-tufted from 100 percent wool, they're as cozy as they are sustainable

Nanimarquina Little Stones Rugs, $324-$972, YLiving


If you're thinking in terms of longevity, the Whipstitch rug suits your ever-growing child. The pastel hues and outer-stitching add a touch of whimsy for a toddler, but the distressed pattern and subtle weave will compliment a child or teen, too. Reviewers say it's "plush on your bare feet" and "looks casual and unique." Get it in five different sizes and colors. 

Whipstitch Rug 3' by 5', $298, Anthropologie


If you’re decorating a gender-neutral nursery and want to go subtle with the color scheme, accent with geometric patterns instead.The Serina hand-loomed rug from Viv + Rae keeps it classy with gray and white, but still manages to catch your attention using stripes of varying thicknesses. 

Viv + Rae 6' by 9' Serina Hand-Loomed Gray Area Rug, $410, Wayfair


Don't shy away from decorating with yellow, especially for kids' spaces — it can boost your mood and amplify natural light. This pick from Lorena Canals features a tie-dyed print in a fresh, cheerful color. It's totally machine-washable and can be tumble-dried on low. (If you like the look but not the shade, you can also get it in blue or pink.)

Lorena Canals 5' Tie-Dye Washable Rug, $239, Maisonette


For The Patio, Yard, Or Sunroom

Even if your patio or sunroom is covered, you'll want a rug that can handle the elements. Moisture and dirt can easily ruin your fabrics, but so can sunlight, too; UV rays break down the bonds in dyes, so the colors will fade if placed in direct light. For that reason, you should opt for the best outdoor rugs when decorating these spaces, and it doesn't hurt to find something that's also UV-resistant.  

Polypropylene is one of the best (and most popular) materials for outdoor rugs, because it's weather-resistant and extremely durable.The Navogratz Tuscany rug comes in a stylish burnt orange that "adds a splash of color" and "is lovely to look at," according to reviewers. It's available in eight different sizes, and is a great pick if you're looking to incorporate warmer, nature-inspired colors into your home. 

Novogratz 9'3" by 12'6" Tuscany Outdoor Rug, $499, Joss & Main

Thanks to its soft-to-the-touch pile, this rug looks and feels like it belongs inside — but it can in fact handle the dirt and moisture of the outdoors. Its subtle color scheme and classy patterns will help you to create a cozy porch that you'll love to snuggle up on. It also won't shed, stain, or harbor indentations, so it'll look "beautiful underneath [your] outdoor furniture" for quite a while. 

Langley Street 8' by 11'4" Cyrus Area Rug, $157, Wayfair


For a subtle splash of color that won't fade over time, there's the Couristan Falmouth outdoor rug. This one is resistant to mold, moisture, and mud, and the fibers are UV-stabilized so the colors stay in tact even when placed in direct sunlight. It's a very low-lying rug, so it won't get in the way of doors or cause tripping out on the porch. It's available in two color options (one with reddish-orange undertones and one with blueish-green), and so far, reviewers have given it a 4.7-star rating

Couristan 5'3" by 7'6" Falmouth Outdoor Area Rug, $143, Hayneedle

Finally, there's the Sol 72 Amherst rug, which marries traditional and contemporary for the best of both worlds. Its geometric designs are subdued for a fresh take on the endless knot, while its neutral beige coloring could pull to modern or classic depending on the space around it. Since it's woven from polypropylene, this rug can handle all the elements — and it even comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

Sol 72 5'3" by 7'6" Outdoor Amherst Area Rug, $96, Wayfair


We hope you found the perfect rug for every room of your house! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.