The Paper Bakery: A New Stationery Line Worth Craving

Good Enough to Eat: The Paper Bakery Stationery (Notecard by the Paper Bakery [above left] and designer Jackie Treitz. Portrait by Mor Weizman; All stationery photos courtesy of
The Paper Bakery)
Jackie Treitz, the woman behind our new favorite custom stationery line, The Paper Bakery, is hard-pressed to choose between things that are delicious to look at and indulgences of the fresh-out-of-the-oven sort: “Anything chocolate and pastry is a big motivator,” admits the LA-based Toronto native, a former designer for lifestyle glossy C Magazine, who cites her sweet tooth as the inspiration for the company’s name. “The way that I package and market everything is in the spirit of something that you would pick up at a neighborhood boulangerie; I want it all to be appealing and comforting,” she explains. 

Treitz launched her brand earlier this month with handmade offerings that span painterly floral wedding invites to gold foil printed thank-you notes. Naturally, quality ingredients are paramount, as evidenced in Treitz's latest suites, which are immaculately presented in twine-wrapped packages, printed with made-to-order personalized messages, and complemented by envelopes lined in cheerily patterned Japanese papers. If like us, you're craving one such bespoke set, you'd be well advised to take a number quickly—we're betting these goodies will be selling like hotcakes.

Good Enough to Eat: The Paper Bakery Stationery Good Enough to Eat: The Paper Bakery Stationery Good Enough to Eat: The Paper Bakery Stationery
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