You Can Now Book Your Next Repairman On Facebook

FB Marketplace is expanding.

You Can Now Book Your Next Repairman On Facebook
Photographed by Sean Litchfield.

You can find almost anything on Facebook. From childhood friends to your grandma to amazing Lonny posts, there are plenty of great ways to use the platform. Well now, you can even hire your next repairman or house cleaner through the platform. By partnering with Handy, HomeAdvisor, and PorchFacebook Marketplace is taking off as the new destination to hire for all your household tasks.

“More people ask for recommendations related to home services on Facebook in the US than any other topic," says Bowen Pan, product manager at Facebook. "People will now have a place on Marketplace to find the right professional to help with their next home project. Following home rentals and autos, services is the newest category where Marketplace is partnering with businesses to expand inventory and offer greater convenience to consumers.”

You Can Now Book Your Next Repairman On Facebook
Courtesy of Facebook.

“One of the driving ideas behind Porch is that we are a ‘partner for the home.’ Part of that is making it convenient and easy for homeowners to connect with the best home service pros in their local area," says co-founder and CEO Matt Ehrlichman. "Through the Facebook Marketplace integration, we can forward our mission and mutually empower each other’s communities. People on Facebook can find top pros in their area, and Porch home service professionals can expand their reach while helping homeowners complete the jobs on their to-do list.”

So next time you're looking to install that cool new light fixture in your space, we recommend checking out your FB feed.

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