3 Newly Finished California Spas You Have To See

Design centric relaxation havens worth visiting.

Courtesy of Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa.

If there's one thing we'd love to do to kick off the fall season, it's check into a spa for the night — or maybe even two, or three. There's nothing quite as comforting and luxurious as the smell of eucalyptus, the coziness of terry bathrobes, and someone asking if you'd like another cup of fresh cucumber water (two extra slices for the eyes, please). I mean, does it get any better? 

To answer that hypothetical question, yes, it does. Pair the tranquil, relaxing feels of a fresh spa with modern design updates (think neutral color palettes, natural fibers, and outdoor bathing areas), and you have yourself a serious haven. And, considering California is the home of wine and spa country, we're huge fans of the west coast spa scene. 

We're always scouting out the latest upgrades and newest additions to the bevy of sleek, modern escapes out west. There's certainly no shortage of top-notch, five star retreats; however, we're keeping our eyes on a few state-of-the-art spots that were only recently finished. Here's a glimpse inside our favorite three escapes right now: The Spa at Carneros, Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa, and Sands Hotel & Spa

The Spa at Carneros

3 Newly-Finished California Spas You Have To See
Courtesy of Carneros Resort.

Trust us — this is an experience you definitely don't want to miss out on. If you've been lucky enough to visit Carneros before, then you already know how magical this spot truly is. Now, the Napa, California heaven is even more dreamy thanks to a $3.5M spa renovation. Designed by Oakland-based design firm, Nina Chiappa Interiors, the new spa takes on elements of a modern farmhouse complete with mediterranean details. 

The "relaxation area" is our favorite part of the renovation, featuring both a cozy, indoor space (including a fireplace and built-in book shelves) and an adjacent outdoor porch with ample lounge chairs and cushioned seats. The view from the outdoor patio is a stunning scene of Napa, with a stretching landscape of wildflowers and mountains and perhaps the best sunset you've laid your spectacles on.

OH, and we almost forgot about the spa menu itself. New treatments have also been added to this perfect place, including the Body Botany, an antioxidant rich body scrub and exfoliant, and the Tune Me Up, a treatment featuring the infrared sauna, a DIY scrub, and anti-gravity chair experience. Need we say more? 

Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa

3 Newly-Finished California Spas You Have To See
Courtesy of Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa.

Designed by San Francisco-based design firm AvroKo, this modern spot is an entirely different spa experience. Calistoga's Motor Lodge takes on casual California feels and integrates them into their spa menu (think CBD treatments and organic body scrubs). Also known as Moon Acre Spa & Bath, this savvy space is modeled after a classic bath house — it's social, isolated, and built for fun, too.

The space's design is playful and vibrant (think bright pillows and tiled floors), and simple by nature. There's no room for opulence or excess in this space; instead, it focuses on a 1950s, retro road-trip feel. Of course, there is still an element of relaxation, with warm, wood furniture and plenty of neutrals to ground the space, too. The spa also features a steam room, tub room, lounge, and mud bar, where you can mix your own mud and paint your body with a brush. Afterwards, hang out by the pool in a lounge chair to bake yourself into a mudpie and feel your body soak in the nutrients. Oh, and did we mention you can also get a mineral bath in a classic, clawfoot tub alongside your own rubber ducky? Dreams seriously come true at this adult summer camp-like lodge. 

Sands Hotel & Spa

3 Newly-Finished California Spas You Have To See
Courtesy of Sands Hotel & Spa.

If there's one name that everyone knows in California's interior design scene, it's Martin Lawrence Bullard. Also known as the Kardashian's go-to for anything home-related, Bullard knows how to take a space and give it an extra kick — some serious pizzazz, per say. So when we caught wind that he took on a new project, the Sands Hotel & Spa, we knew it was going to be a sight for the senses. 

This space was previously closed for three years, before new owners took on the hotel to redesign and reopen. Located in Indian Wells, the space is now complete with Moroccan-inspired décor, modern finds, marble finishes, hints of color, and floor poufs, of course. 

The spa menu is coherent with the hotel's design inspiration, featuring treatments with naturally-sourced ingredients from Morocco that are meant to detox the body, hydrate the skin,  and replenish its nutrients. These include body scrubs, signature facials, and even scalp and spine treatments. Once you're finished, you can enjoy the spa's amenities (and seriously stunning display of tile) for as long as you'd like. 

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