O&G Studio's New Staining Options

Here at Lonny, we're always talking about blending the old and the new, whether that means adding a vintage chair to a modern space or setting a sleek chrome lamp on a rustic work table. Seems we're not the only ones. For years, furniture designers Jonathan Glatt and Sara Ossana—the duo behind stylish O&G Studio, in Warren, Rhode Island—have created traditional wood pieces, painting them in vibrant colors like Cyan, Turmeric, and Persimmon to update the forms.

Classicists with a contemporary streak will find plenty to love in their latest offerings. The company has debuted eight stain options that up the style ante while allowing the natural grain of the wood to shine through. "We like to design pieces that appeal to the senses," says Ossana. "The bright colors we create are drawn from bright art that we love."

(Photo courtesy of O&G Studio)
On the spectrum: radish, an homage to the thin pink band that emerges as the root's red skin fades to white flesh; oyster, a reference to the local aquaculture that grows near the design team's workshop; and kelp, a yellowish green that makes seaweed seem startlingly attractive.
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