Mattress Startup Casper Delivers A Good Night's Sleep

Casper mattresses |
We all know the "magic" that can happen in the bedroom, the blissful, longed-for magic of...sleep. (Oh, you thought I was talking about eating pie while binge-watching True Detective, didn't you?) Well, a good night's rest just got a little more attainable with the introduction of Casper—not a friendly ghost, mind you, but a mattress company that does things a little differently.

"There is a real chance for our generation to rethink how we invest in that third of our lives spent in bed," says company CEO Philip Krim. "Sleep is more than a necessity; it's a means to achieve greater productivity and creativity during daily life." Priced from $500, Casper mattresses are manufactured and hand-stitched in the U.S. and ship directly to your front door, nationwide. Each one unites latex foam and memory foam technologies for a sleep experience that's soft, cool, and, according to their marketing materials, "bouncy to the touch." (An infographic on the Casper site declares their mattress softness to be somewhere between Jell-O and a dense novel—a sweet spot if ever there was one.) Each mattress comes with a full 10-year warranty, but if you remain unconvinced, there's also a 40-night trial period. Now, get your sleep on!

Casper mattresses |
(Photos courtesy Casper)
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