Nick Offerman And Amy Poeher's Brand-New Show Came Out Of The Woodworks

When actors turn artisan.

Nick Offerman and Amy Poeher's Brand-New Show Came Out Of The Woodworks

Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, possibly the funniest duo in comedy, are teaming up as show hosts in a new *creative* series, Making It. Best known for his role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation, Offerman's skills go far beyond the television screen—all the way out to sea, actually. Off set, the comedian works as a professional boat builder. Pairing up with Poehler, Offerman's new show is a spin off his not-so-hidden talents. 

Making It will feature Amy and Nick as judges in timed crafting competitions. The Parks and Rec costars will host alongside Barneys' creative ambassador, Simon Doonan, and Etsy trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson. Together, the judges will present their contestants with a themed challenge. Additionally, Amy and Nick will help their participators as craft guides, offering tactical (and surely hilarious) input on their work. 

Nick Offerman and Amy Poeher's Brand-New Show Came Out Of the Woodworks
Courtesy of NBC.

Considering their charisma and love for craft, it’s no surprise that Offerman and Poehler are taking their creative tendencies one step further. For context, Offerman's woodworking skills are so widely appreciated that the writers of Parks and Rec even added an affinity for wood crafting to Swanson’s character. Nick also has his very own wood-making studio and online store, The Offerman Woodshop. Similarly, Amy has an appreciation for artistry. The new show's official website describes Poehler as, "a self-proclaimed crafting novice who has long harbored a secret appreciation for those who can imagine and execute incredible things by hand." 

Nick Offerman's Side Hustle Came Out Of The Woodworks
Courtesy of Offerman Woodshop.

The series is set to air on NBC, which has yet to announce an air date. In the meantime, if you're still curious about the hosts' creative backgrounds, check out Nick's wood-working book, Good Clean Fun: Misadventures of Saw Dust at the Offerman Workshop. According to Offerman and Poehler, the crafty, comedic duo, you really can do it all. 

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