Making Guests Feel Welcome During the Holiday Season

(Source: Lonny / Patrick Cline)
With the holidays fast approaching—can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?!—you're bound to find yourself in the midst of a slumber party with a relative or two. Why not make their stay memorable for more than just the awkward conversation? Enter design expert Babi Ahluwalia, cofounder and creative director of Ankasa and Sachin + Babi, who has a winning tip for making guests at home. "An embroidered table mat on a nightstand makes a spare bedroom feel more lived in," she says. Another thoughtful addition: "an empty jewelry box or dish where visitors can keep their valuables." These colorful Lotus Dessert Dishes by Ankasa fit the bill.
(Courtesy of Ankasa)
What small things do you do to make guests feel at home during the holidays?
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