Lulu DK's Latest Outdoor Fabrics

Lulu DK | courtesy Lulu DK)
Starboard. Windward. Skipper. No, we’re not brushing up on our boating terms in preparation for a summer off the shores of Newport—we’re getting a look at the new outdoor fabric line from a Lonny favorite.

Lulu DK |
Featuring everything from brightly saturated, awning-worthy stripes to delicately embroidered florals, the current collection from Lulu DK is a nod not only to Lulu de Kwiatkowski’s upbringing (much of it spent in either the Hamptons or the Bahamas), but also her love of the high seas. Just don’t ask her to steer the ship. “I am a very good sailing passenger,” says the designer. “I just love the feel of ocean living.”

Lulu DK's Latest Outdoor Fabrics
The styles pictured here, including geometric prints woven with unique “shoestring” yarn, would look shipshape in any water-friendly setting—even on a patio table next to your pool.
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