A New Book on Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

Hands down, Jane Birkin is our favorite girl crush. The ’70s icon, whose offhand elegance inspired legions of street-style imitators and an Hermès handbag, famously captured the heart of French sex-symbol crooner Serge Gainsbourg in 1968. Their passionate affair resulted in a child (actress Charlotte) as well as a notorious record, Histoire de Melody Nelson—but not until now have we been privy to candid photos from their 12-year romance.
(Images courtesy of Andrew Birkin/Taschen)
In Taschen’s new Jane & Serge. A Family Album, exclusive photos of the couple snapped by Birkin’s brother, award-winning film director Andrew, are interspersed with memoir-style narratives and packaged by the design firm M/M (Paris) with a poster, a sticker sheet, and five prints. More than 30 years after Birkin and Gainsbourg parted ways, the hardcover set is a compelling tribute to two pop-culture stars who have yet to lose their allure.
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