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Ever since The Wing founders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan announced they’d be rolling out three more locations, we’ve been here waiting with bated breath.

The New York-based womens’ co-working space (which opened in the thick of the ’16 election) has become the gathering hub for modern women to activate around current topics and issues in a stylish, community-like setting. And, its new SoHo location (launching Monday, October 30) promises to be an inspiring extension of the first.

“It was really amazing to see the response from the beginning," CEO and cofounder Audrey Gelman tells Lonny.

"People really started spreading the word early on — fast forward to today and we have 8,000 women on the waitlist. Our goal is to have as many members as possible. We really wanted to mobilize as quickly as we could to open up new locations to accommodate more members,” she says.

"With about 10,000 square-feet of space, The Wing SoHo is an expansive offering of many of the amenities found at the original location, as well as exciting new features. Private offices, phone booths, and lactation rooms are all call-outs Gelman is definitely most excited about.

“Members can work out of here, get their mail, and really use it as their personal space to work,” Gelman tells us. “I’m excited about many of the same things we had at the previous location, just with more space."

"There’s still showers and lockers but now we have a nap room in this location, more conference rooms, and a library that was worked on in collaboration with The Strand and Feminist Press.”

But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the vibrant décor — which The Wing has become so lauded for (we even schooled you on how to get the look in your own home). Led by interior designer Chiara de Rege, who also worked on the first locale, the building is brimming with rich jewel-toned touches, a baby blue wrap-around bench, artful fixtures, and of course, sprinkles of millennial pink. Ready to peek at it yourself? Right this way.