This Is THE Wine For Fashion Girls

Gia Coppola just made wine even more fun — if that's possible.

This Is THE Wine For Fashion Girls
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

She may be known as an American screenwriter, film director, and actress, but Gia Coppola is now extending her area of expertise into the realm of wine. She's already created compelling video content for high profile fashion brands like Opening Ceremony, Diane von Furstenberg, and Rodarte. Well now, she's bringing her creative skills to one of our very favorite surfaces: the wine bottle. 

This Is THE Wine For Fashion Girls
Courtesy of The Family Coppola.

The new line features stunning photos as label art and seeks to bring an exciting design element to the wine-buying experience. When describing her inspiration and objectives with her new line, Coppola explains, "I wanted to make a wine that tasted good and was inexpensive. I know buying wine for my generation is so much about the label and the price. Using my own photos for the labels feels true and tangible to who I am. I’m really fascinated that wines with catchy or silly names seem to be the ones people buy."

The collection features a staple white, red, and rosé, each of which was carefully crafted in collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola and the winemakers. The rosé, for instance, has juicy red fruit impressions that are reminiscent of pomegranate and cherries. Mouthwatering, right? Our favorite detail, however, is that these wine bottles are one liter, more than the traditional 750ml wine bottles.

Coppola explains the creative process behind this unique choice. "My cousin Robert and I wanted to play around with numbers as a play on modern culture," she shares. "I like the liter bottles because you can host a big group of friends. More bang for your buck and the twist cap top is easy on the go."

This Is THE Wine For Fashion Girls
Courtesy of Gia Coppola.

If you're not already enticed, here's what you need to know about the launch of the new collection. It wouldn't be right for a fashion insider to celebrate a new product without making waves, which is why Coppola will be officially launching her collection with a splash, literally.

On July 27, the creative mogul will be hosting a pool party at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. The menu? Only the most fun foods, including shrimp rolls, corn dogs, nachos, and grilled corn. The event will also have '80s arcade games, neon bocce ball, and a silent disco by rising music artist Myles Hendrik.

Ready to join in? Party goers can purchase general admission tickets for $50 per person, or a premium package for $150 per person. Get your tickets for this exclusive event here

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