Introducing #ILikeItWhatIsIt: A New Way to ID Cool Decor on Instagram

Your favorite app for interiors inspiration is now a source of helpful information, courtesy of Lonny editors.

Excuse the infomercial mantra, but: has this ever happened to you? You're scrolling through your Instagram feed, which is of course littered with gorgeous interiors and dreamy design projects , and you spot it. THE chair. The one that you've seen here and there on your favorite blogs. The one that would be the absolute perfect piece to complete your living room. The one that you haven't the foggiest where to actually buy. Same, same, a thousand times, same.

Introducing #ILikeItWhatIsIt: A New Way to ID Cool Decor on Instagram

Luckily, your conundrum is a Lonny editor's speciality. (The thrill of the hunt is basically our life force.) So it's time for you, dear readers, to take advantage of the fact that we spend our days getting the best designers in the world to spill their secret sources, and hit us up for help. How? Via hashtag, of course. 

Any time you see a furniture item, artwork, wallpaper, rug, etc. in a Lonny Instagram photo, just comment on the post, mentioning us (@lonnymag) and hashtag #ilikeitwhatisit, and we'll do our damnedest to find you the exact item or the nearest match on the market. See an example below.

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