You Can Now Find A Home Based On Your Fave Pinterest Pics launches a social-media friendly feature.

You Can Now Find A Home Based On Your Fave Pinterest Pics
Photographed by Laure Joliet.

Searching for real estate online is often a frustrating task. Most sites only let you filter by price range and number of bedrooms, leaving you stuck scrolling through tons of options before finding a home that's actually your style.Well decided it is finally time to bring the process into the social-media age. The company just launched its Snap & Search feature, the first national visual search tool for real estate. Developed by Grow, the tool has you upload a photo of a home you love from Pinterest, Instagram, or one you found IRL, and the site’s artificial intelligence returns local listings with a similar architectural style or exterior finish.

"If you think about it, the home search experience was pretty much a sea of sameness delivering the same data through the same underwhelming user experience," shares Mele. "That’s why we set out to reinvent the home search category. Allowing consumers to not just tell us what they want, but show us what type of home they are looking for through Snap & Search."

Another new function? More detailed search options that can help you find that mid-century or farmhouse style you love. "Utilizing Match serves up the information that’s uniquely right for the searcher’s criteria (just like a real estate agent would). Consumers enjoy their time online, so we needed to put the joy back into finding a home online and delight today’s digitally savvy homebuyers," says Mele.

"Our hope is that Snap & Search will be a way for house seekers to turn dreaming into reality," shares the CEO. "By searching based on dream home photos (from Pinterest, Houzz, etc.) or based on a photo of that house down the street they’ve always loved, users can find homes with looks they love, because style is as important as specs."

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