Is Your State Getting The Best Sleep?

Helix reveals the country's top snoozers.

Is Your State Getting The Best Sleep?
Photographed by Julia Robbs.

Want to know some snooze-worthy news? Apparently, Californians are getting the best sleep in the country. Personalized mattress company Helix crunched some data and found some really interesting facts on how people are dozing throughout America. The worst sleepers? Find them in West Virginia, New Mexico, Kentucky, Ohio, and Iowa. The best? California, Washington D.C., Mississippi, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

If you're currently in your 40s, you might be getting the worst sleep of any age range. But cheer up! People 60 and up are beating out everyone on the sleep game. So bide your time and get ready for those post-retirement naps.

Think women are the best sleepers? Keep dreaming. Helix reports that men reported a higher average quality of sleep. If you want to improve your sleep, try to avoid sleeping on your side or stomach. Back sleepers are more likely to catch better Z's. You can also try to improve your space ambiance with home tech, shades, or a different mattress. Since everyone is different, Helix has a cool quiz to help you figure out what bed will get you the best rest. Check it out and hit snooze.

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