Welcome To Change Month At Lonny

November is all about transitions.

Welcome To Change Month At Lonny
Illustrated by Briana Gagnier for Lonny.

It's hard to ignore all the amazing changes in November. It's smack dab in the middle of autumn, and that means the leaves are falling, temperatures are getting crisper, and we're pulling out those extra layers. But there are still more changes afoot! We are slowly preparing for the arrival of the holiday season and all the celebrations that come with it. We're also so inspired by the progressive and diverse new leadership the recent elections brought to our country. In honor of all these transitions, we decided to officially make November change month at Lonny!

That means this month will be filled with stories about fresh beginnings, adapting our homes for the season, and inspiring stories of creatives changing careers and forging new paths. We're asking designers to help us prepare our spaces for the holidays and give advice how to work with a home under renovation. We also hope to highlight amazing homes that transition between a variety of styles and even share a few roommates!

Excited to see the changes ahead? Keep your eyes on our site to see all the new stories we have in store for you.

As Lonny's Editor, you can find me writing about interior tips, scouting out the coolest new spots, and rallying behind amazing female entrepreneurs. You can reach me at shelby.wax@livingly.com or on Instagram @shelbywax.
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