3 Companies Changing The Way We Buy Sheets

The future of sheets is non-committal and au natural.

Courtesy of Riley.

Once upon a time, making a bed consisted a trip to Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, a shot-in-the-dark decision on the best-looking sheet set, and a 50% chance you actually love the sheets you're sleeping with every night. Here lies a perfect opportunity for a few entrepreneurs to change the way we invest in sheets. In the past five years, three direct-to-consumer bedding companies have innovated this process and redesigned the sheets industry — and we're sleeping better at night because of it. Here are the companies innovating the way you shop for bedding now. 


Coyuchi's main mission is to create bedding with a greater good in mind. According to these bedding innovators, "Linen feels like linen. And wool feels like wool. Mother Nature got it right, which is why we respect the fiber and keep it as pure and minimally processed as possible without sacrificing comfort or design."

But that's not even the best part. This company takes their commitment to the environment to the next level by offering a lease program. According to Eileen Mockus, Coyuchi CEO, “Coyuchi For Life is a subscription that offers a way to refresh your bed and bath with quality, organic linens while respecting the planet. With the help of our partners we make sure that, instead of ending up in the landfill, your linens go on to a new life." Coyuchi For Life allows people to lease their sheets, duvets, towels, and blankets for a set term at a lower monthly fee and with the environment in mind.  Here's the break down on Coyuchi's For Life offerings: Their organic mattress pad for a queen is $248. Via the For Life, customers can get it for $8.78 per month. Their feather down organic pillow retails for $118. Via Coyuchi For Life, customers can get a pillow for $4.18 per month. AND, a down duvet insert for a queen bed is $578 or $20.47 per month with the subscription. Not sold yet? There's more. 

3 Companies Changing The Way We Buy Sheets
Courtesy of Coyuchi.

Coyuchi's production process includes a zero waste water recycling method engineered by an innovative manufacturing partner. Through ethical production processes and sustainable manufacturing, this conscious company is delivering far more than just bedding — they're following through on a mission. 


Venice Beach-based bedding pioneers, Parachute (a company we refer to quite often, like here, here, and here) was founded by innovator Ariel Kaye. In describing her objective, she explains, "Years ago while traveling in Italy, I checked into a picturesque hotel on the Amalfi Coast and discovered the softest, most comfortable bedding. When shopping for sheets later on, I found myself surrounded by stacks of products that all looked the same." It was her goal to create something natural and affordable, yet incredibly soft and comfortable. Parachute's first bedding collection launched in 2014. 

3 Companies Creating Sheets That Are Better Than Target
Courtesy of Parachute.

So, what's their value proposition exactly? If you don't like them, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days. But, we're pretty sure you will grow fond of these sheets. Parachute's bedding and linens are made from the finest material (100% long-staple cotton for percale and sateen, pure European flax for  linen, and 100% Turkish cotton for towels), manufactured responsibly, and offered at an approachable price point. Oh, AND Parachute donates all returned items to Habitat for Humanity. 


Making waves alongside Parachute is another company specializing in sheets and linens, Riley (you may have seen us gush about this brand here). With fourth generation family-owned textile mills in Europe, Riley fulfills a commitment to craftsmanship and to the consumer. This brand brings a dose of fun to the bedding industry — a business that once took itself too seriously, according to Riley. While they company believes "Quality, on the other hand, is never a laughing matter," purchasing bedding should be an enjoyable — and dare we say fun — experience. 

3 Companies Changing The Way We Buy Sheets
Courtesy of Riley.

So, what is Riley doing that's different? Well, for starters, they're listening to their customers. Riley recently launched their Home Lie-On Program. For only $5, customers can receive 2 extra-large (8.5x11 inch) swatches of sheets — one in percale and one in sateen. So now you can can touch and feel (and even lay on!) the sheets before committing. The motive behind this program was that many online shoppers were confused about the difference between percale and sateen sheets. And the very best part is, the $5 spent on the program is automatically credited toward your next purchase. Commitment fears, be gone! 

With three, cutting edge and direct-to-consumer bedding companies to choose from, how does one actually choose which one to buy? That's a matter of one's personal values (yes, bedding has now become a personal value choice). As far as we're concerned, you really can't go wrong with any of these percale pioneers, and we're tempted to try them all...