The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet

The crème de la college.

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

There are ups and downs about relocating to a college dorm, depending on how you view it. The downside is you'll probably need to minimize your belongings, considering dormitory square footage tends to be tiny. However, the upside is that you have an opportunity to eliminate clutter, master small-space decor, and create a space that is totally your own. Not so bad, right? 

It may seem daunting, but to be totally honest, we only look back on our first college rooms with nostalgia. Making a five by ten square foot room actually work is kind of a fun challenge if you consider a few hacks. Of course, there are some best-sellers out there that make this challenge much easier, too. We've rounded up the internet's most popular back-to-school college living finds and reviewed these products ourselves. Read ahead to see all ten best-selling products for dorm design. 

1. The Mirror 

It's true — having a full-length mirror in your dorm that actually fits is a crucial element of dorm life. Whether you're heading to class or out for the night, you'll be glad you have this piece to check yourself beforehand. We like this find because it's actually well-made but doesn't break the bank. The metallic frame adds a design-minded touch to an otherwise basic item, and you won't be devastated if something happens to it throughout your college years. 

Urban Outfitters Marian Long Mirror, $49, Urban Outfitters

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

2. The Bedside Table 

The nightstand is an opportunity for extra storage. Finding a bedside table that has a space for any bedside reading or a notepad, as well as a cupboard for your *things* (this could include books, cleaning supplies, extra bed linens, you name it!) is a strategic move. This find comes in three different colors, is crafted with brass and lucite hardware, and will definitely serve you well in the years beyond college. It's Anthropologie's best-selling nightstand, and we give it a ten out of ten, too. Oh, and it's on sale. 

Anthropologie Odetta Nightstand, $638.40, Anthropologie

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of Anthropologie.

3. The Dresser

It's no secret that IKEA's best-sellers are truly amazing finds. We've been seeking out their top items for years, and trust us when we say these pieces are always worth it. IKEA's MALM dresser is a simple and sleek wooden set of drawers. Fit everything from your pajamas to undergarments to jeans and sweaters in this piece, without ever having to see a single one of your clothing items out of place. 

IKEA MALM Dresser, $99, IKEA

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of IKEA.

4. The Duvet Cover 

Dormify has an extensive collection of specialty-made dorm essentials. Their best-selling piece right now? This white duvet cover and sham set. A sophisticated set, this cozy bedding will provide the clean yet design centric look you want. We always recommend white bedding for a small room, especially if you want to bring in art or other elements of decor. Described as "buttery, soft, and warm," this set is our number one pick, too. 

Dormify White Soft Loft Duvet Cover and Sham Set, $119, Dormify

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of Dormify.

5. The Two-In-One

A desk, shelf, and storage space all in one, we highly recommend Room & Board's leaning shelf for any incoming dormers. Available in white, stainless steel, and natural steel, this find has over 128 ratings and an average of five stars. If that's not reason enough to go all-in on this one, we also know that this piece is functional beyond dorm life and can easily transition into any living room and bedroom, too. 

Room & Board Gallery Leaning Shelf, $469, Room & Board

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of Room & Board.

6. The Sleeper Sofa

Considering Wayfair sells millions of products from thousands of suppliers, we definitely trust a best-seller with over 2,655 reviews. This convertible sofa works as a sitting spot, lounging space, and extra bed. It has three different positions and is made with mid-century design in mind. Upholstered with 100% linen, this piece is easy to clean. Oh, and did we mention it's available for under $300? Sold. 

Langley Street Heritage Convertible Sofa, $250.99, Wayfair

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of Wayfair.

7. The Rug

Whether or not your room is already carpeted, we recommend bringing in your own rug for comfort and style. We also recommend finding a piece with a very subtle pattern, so that when inevitable spills happen, it's not totally visible. College may not be the time to invest in a pricey piece, so we turned to AllModern for this item. Made with quality in Turkey, this is one of the modern mecca's top sellers, and we approve. 

AllModern Olga Gray Area Rug, $36.99-$429.99, AllModern

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of AllModern.

8. The Sheets 

Brooklinen offers all of their sheet sets in Twin XL, which is why we turned to them for dorm bedding. Their mix-and-match bundle is made from a super-fine 80 count yarns in a rich 480 thread count. In other words, this set is seriously comfortable. 

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle $239.25, Brooklinen

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of Brooklinen.

9. The Cubes

Trust us — you'll want this extra shelving for your stuff. Whether for your hair appliances, papers, photos, candles, or coffee table books, these cube shelves have endless purpose. One of Target's best sellers, this piece is also compatible with a variety of different baskets and storage bins.

Threshold 4-Cube Organizer Shelf, $39.99, Target

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of Target.

10. The Basket 

Similar to the cubes, the basket also has many use cases. We personally love using baskets as a laundry hamper or a place to keep clean towels (these are hard to keep track of in dorm life!). Bed Bath & Beyond's top-rated basket is an absolute necessity. A hand-woven wicker piece, it's both durable and brings natural fibers to the space. Plus, its removable lid keeps towels and laundry out of sight! 

Bed Bath & Beyond Large Water Hyacinth Wicker Storage Basket, $96, Bed Bath & Beyond.

The 10 Best-Selling Dorm Items On The Internet
Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond.


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