Lonny Trials: A Robot Vacuum That Will Save You So Much Time

How can a vacuum be so magical?

While there might be some people out there who enjoy vacuuming, I am not one of them. I’ve also been pretty skeptical of the robot-vacuum movement (I can call it a movement, right?). Like how can a tiny little machine actually get your floors so clean and what happens if it gets stuck? So many questions.

Lonny Trials: This Vacuum Is A Game-Changer
Courtesy of LG.


But, if there is one thing I do find fascinating, it’s smart homes and how the products work together to create a seamless secure space that’s high-tech and high-design. This is where the LG Hom-Bot vacuum comes into play. First off, let’s talk about how sleek and pretty this thing is. My color preference is definitely the rose gold, but it does come in metallic black and red for those who aren’t into the pink-ish hue. So, when it docks to its "home" station in your living room, you definitely won't consider it an eye-sore.

I’ve never used any other robotic vacuums but from my understanding, they are not quiet creatures. Often times, you can hear them from the next room, making convenience of not having to vacuum yourself feel pretty pointless (since they are so loud). The LG Hom-Bot is pretty much a mouse, and you can barely hear it doing its thing — which is a big plus for those who want to throw it on and watch TV, get work done, or just not have to hear the humming of a machine. I turned it on during my little one’s naps (to get some housework done while she sleeps) and it never interfered — and she wakes up if someone does so much as cough.

All of this is cool, for sure, but I think one of the stand-out features of this is how you can control it from your smart phone and monitor your home at the same time. Using a technology called SmartThinQ, you can sync it up to actually show areas of your home that need to be cleaned and have it scope your house when it detects movement (so it kind of doubles as a security camera, too). This capability makes it super easy to schedule cleanings when you’re on the go or away from your home. The cleaning diary allows you to see what areas were cleaned. You can also team it up with Google Home or Alexa to voice activate the device at home. Okay, so aside from the amazing tech — it actually gets the job done! The LG Hom-Bot is definitely meant for hardwood surfaces and that’s where it really shines and gets into those nooks and crannies I always miss.

It definitely does well on carpet as well, but I did notice it really got in there when it was on a level surface. As a busy working mom, I feel like the LG Hom-Bot saves me so much time and for that, I’m a fan. The price tag isn’t exactly a steal though, at $999, it’s most definitely an investment item for your home. But, to not have to spend days on end vacuuming? I think that’s pretty priceless.

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