Lonny Trials: A Mattress That Gets Me

King-sized, please.

Lonny Trials: A Mattress That Knows Me So Well
Courtesy of Helix.

Confession: Up until now, my philosophy for my mattress was "if ain’t broke." Well, that was until things really did start to break, like my sleeping habits and my back. Also, my two-year-old daughter sneaks her way into our bed very early in the morning, making our queen-bed situation feel pretty jam-packed. Ever wake up to a karate kick across the face? Not fun. Basically, my nighttime rest has steadily been on the decline. 

I guess I’ve been in the camp who didn’t really realize sleeping on a too-soft mattress will actually do you more harm than good. I had been waking with subtle back pain in the morning, but didn’t really think to attribute it to my mattress (I sit at a desk all day so maybe that has something to do with it? Who knows?). So, it seemed like getting a new mattress was the perfect time to not only upgrade the amount of space (hello, king life) but also think realistically about meeting my needs and comfort while I’m sleeping.

Either way, I was excited to customize my mattress to my sleeping habits. Enter, Helix. One of the first things Helix has you do is narrow down your habits with a quiz — which is so different from any other mattress experience I’ve had. It was also a lot of fun and somewhat challenging because, I’ve never thought about things like — do I have pressure points? What’s my current quality of sleep?

After I filled it out, it recommended a mattress with a feel, support, elasticity, and temperature tailored for me. Apparently, for me, it was recommended I do a medium firm, moderately strong support, moderately cooling temperate, and very high elasticity. Oh, and one thing I found to be very helpful is that if you share a bed with someone you can actually get HALF of the bed tailored to their quiz, and the other to yours. Kind of like two beds in one. Or as I would like to call it: a relationship saver. 

Once the quiz was completed the ordering and delivery process was a cinch. Within a few days, it arrived on my doorstep in a box, allowing for super quick unpacking and roll out. Now that we had finally upgraded to a king-sized bed it was time to test it out. 

I think because I have been sleeping on a super soft mattress with not a ton of support, my body was really surprised the first few nights and definitely felt a little out of sorts — shocked to not have such a cushy pad underneath. Also, maybe it was the amount of space I had to move around that threw me for a loop.

Either way,  switching your mattress is a big deal and you spend (hopefully) eight hours a night on it — so being thoughtful and personalized about it is important (especially when there is so much competition out there). But, after a week my body tuned into the mattress and adjusted beautifully. I don't feel any pain and have been sleeping like a baby since. 

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