Seth Rogan Is Designing With Bower & We’re Here For It

Seth Rogan and Bower Studios create a piece to benefit Alzheimer's awareness.

Seth Rogan Is Designing For A Cause — And We Love His Work
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

Bower Studios, a New York City-based design studio, is taking on a new creative muse — Seth Rogan. A new-to-the-scene visionary, Rogan tested out his design skills to create a special piece for Sight Unseen. The Atlas Mirror is a globe-like work, infusing colors, textures, and of course, the comedians's artistic vision. 

The Brooklyn studio and Canadian actor had a discussion before setting out to create a piece. Putting their heads together, the two discussed midcentury design, street art, the airbrushed hypercolors found in 1980s pop culture, and more. After finding mutual points of inspiration, Rogan and the studio developed their piece. A circular mirror made of longitudinal sections, emulating a three-dimensional sphere, reveals an underlying substrate that was hand-painted by New York sign artist Jasper Patch. 

So, you might wonder, why is Rogan dabbling in design? As it just so happens, he wears many, many hats. The actor is passionate about bringing support and awareness to those affected by Alzheimer's, and founded a non-profit organization with his wife Lauren Miller, Hilarity for Charity, to support the cause. This piece is made especially for those feeling the weight of the world of their shoulders. Rogan even made a video to share his inspiration and vision — get a glimpse here

Seth Rogan Is Designing For A Cause — And We Love His Work
Sight Unseen Offsite, Courtesy of Sight Unseen.

Commissioned by Sight Unseen for their benefit exhibition, Rogan's work of art is to show at Sight Unseen's Offsite from May 17 to May 20, at 201 Mulberry Street in NYC. 

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