In Defense Of Living With Roommates

Co-habitation ftw.

In Defense Of Living With Roommates
Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

I live with two roommates — and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have always loved living with other people. My family is and will always be the best roommates. Every summer as a kid, I would go spend six weeks living in a cabin with about 12 others girls. In college, I lived in a forced triple as a freshman (where I experienced my first passive aggressive post-it note), a double with a bunk bed, a French apartment with a host mom and her cat, and finally, a single bedroom (but with my friends right down the hall). Clearly, I was used to living around other people.

After graduation, I was so excited to move to San Francisco. But with the amazing vibrancy of the city also comes the awful rent prices. Since I am not a tech billionaire, living alone was not an option. I first moved into a tiny room (and by tiny, I mean tiny) within a larger apartment with four other women I found through a random connection. When moving to a brand new city, it is great to live with people who have already been there for a while. It's a great way to make new friends, learn about the best spots to hit up, and have people there for you when you are in the throws of learning how to adult. However, living in such a small space with so many people has its drawbacks. One shower and five ladies is not a great combo in the morning.

I later moved to an apartment with two other roommates and I couldn't be happier. My bedroom gives me plenty of personal space, but I still love hanging out in the hall and kitchen with my roomies (I technically live in our living room... because rent). Having friends there for you that will check in if you're still alive when you fail to inform everyone you're going out of town, spot you on coffee in the morning if you just ran out, chip in to pay for art in the apartment, or dish with you about dating escapades is something I would never give up. 

Now, if I wasn't able to close my bedroom door and tune out, that would be another story. Yes, there are occasional moments where you may get annoyed with the cleaning situation or have to put in earphones while binging Netflix a little too late at night. But as a single lady in my early 20s, the friendships I have gained, the safety and comfort of living with others, and above all, that lowered rent price, is something I would never give up.

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