Is Lilac The New Millennial Pink?

The trend we've been seeing everywhere.

Is Lilac The New Millennial Pink?
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Ever since Rose Quartz was chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year in 2016, pink slowly crept into every store, home, and well-designed space we saw. Not only was it popular, but it became associated with an entire generation. Some even say it could be the new neutral. While we still love the rosy hue, we are definitely starting to get a little fatigued with seeing the shade everywhere. But millennial pink just might have met its match with the new popular shade hitting the scene — lilac.

We started to see the hue a bit more after Pantone chose a rich purple called Ultra-Violet as its Color of the Year for 2018 (can you start to recognize a common catalyst?). While the darker shade wasn't necessarily our jam, a lot of folks decided to experiment with the pastel end of the palette. Once spring arrived, lilac and lavenders began to be the new go-to for the cool girls of the fashion set.

Is Lilac The New Millennial Pink?
Photographed by Heidi's Bridge.

In the home, the soft hue has become a great pairing for spaces already peppered with millennial pink, but it's also great on its own. Some our favorite qualities of the shade? It feels rich, yet playful, and cool, yet carefree. It's a little bit feminine and a little bit retro. We love seeing it as an accent through art or even as upholstery on a sofa. In other words, we could see this shade becoming the next big thing.

Is Lilac The New Millennial Pink?
Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Are you also a huge lilac fan? Do you think it could be the next millennial pink? Do you see another hue (possibly Gen Z yellow) becoming huge? Comment below your thoughts!

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