Finally, A Bed That Actually Makes Itself

Is this the bed of the future? The Ohea Smart Bed actually makes itself.

Finally, A Bed That Actually Makes Itself
Ohea Smart Bed.

In a perfect world,we'd start every day with a made bed. But, if we're being honest, half the time we can barely get of the door on time. Therefore, making our bed falls to the bottom of our morning priority list. Well, there’s an invention that not only helps check that chore off — but you don’t even have to lift a finger. Okay, we take that back. There is a button you have to push.

There is a bed, The Ohea Smart Bed, that tidies up your sheets for you. You can either set it to a mode where 50 seconds after you rise, it straightens up your linens or you can manually push the button to get things going. It does come with some limitations though. The device doesn’t allow you to toss on any bedding, you have to purchase the Ohea-designed sheets if you want it to work. The video of the bed being demoed is striking quite the chord. Some folks are praising it for its time-saving features, while others dubbing it lazy. Check out the video below !

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