The New Home Decor Sale Making Everything Possible

Wayfair's Way Day is celebrating interiors in a whole new way.

Courtesy of Wayfair.

Are you in the mood for impulse home shopping without doing major damage? Do you feel like an interiors upgrade is in your near future? Well, we're here to let you know it's all happening. At midnight on April 25, Wayfair is having an inaugural major sale. In an effort to establish a holiday that celebrates home shopping and improvement, the online furniture mecca hopes to create a new opportunity to freshen up your home right before summer. That means securing the outside dining table you've been thinking of, the new-and-improved headboard you've been waiting for, and that linen sofa you're ready to nap on (because same). 

So, what does the shopping event consist of?

Hide ya old sofas, hide ya worn-down chairs — Wayfair is marking down 70,000 pieces to their lowest possible prices, and offering free shipping on EVERYTHING. Some might call this a hay day, but at Wayfair, its a full-blown Way Day.

What's in the fine print? This Black Friday-style sale only lasts 24 hours. And, in addition to their site-wide markdowns, Wayfair is going to be marking down additional items every six hours. If you have a Wayfair credit card, you earn triple rewards on all purchases made on your card. Don't have one? You can sign up for one right now and get $40 off your next order over $250. 

This New Home-Decor Sale Is Making Everything Possible
Courtesy of Wayfair.

If this feels like a start your engines announcement, that's because it is (we're prepping our shopping carts as we speak). Whether you're on the hunt for an upgraded outdoor lounge area or maybe even an elevated living room set, this sale has you covered. 

Shop Way Day's finds here come Tuesday evening (Wednesday morning) at 12am. 

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