See How Balenciaga Does IKEA's Iconic Bag

This designer tote is an IKEA style twin.

See How Balenciaga Does The IKEA's Iconic Bag

We all know and love the classic IKEA FRAKTA bag. The giant tote not only serves as the best shopping bag in the biz, but is a great catchall for moving, laundry, and plenty of other purposes. So when we got a look at Balenciaga's Arena Extra Large Shopper Tote Bag, we did a double take. Looks like the designers might have gotten inspiration while doing a bit of home decorating.

See How Balenciaga Does The IKEA's Iconic Bag
Courtesy of Barney's New York.

With a $2145 pricetag, the Italian-made leather bag is just a bit pricier than the $0.99 IKEA steal. Yet it clearly has the furniture store's design in mind with its bright blue hue and double straps. While we're always down for a pretty all-purpose bag, we might just stick with our budget buy for now.


IKEA responded to the bag in a hilarious collab with Swedish creative agency Acne Collective. Obviously they wanted to make sure shoppers could tell their tote from the Balenciaga knockoff. Once again, IKEA is making our lives better one shopping bag at a time.

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