Welcome To Plant Month At Lonny

Because greens are good.

Welcome To Plant Month
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

It's already April and we have no idea how THAT happened so quickly. Although New York's treacherous winter is still in full-swing, the new month brings us one step closer to weather that makes us actually want to leave the house. When it comes to the first official month of spring, there are two thoughts that come to mind: April showers bringing May flowers, and a historical holiday known to some as 4/20. All things considered, it would only make sense for us to direct our full-focus on flora and fauna. 

When talking about plants, we're first and foremost talking about how to bring them into your home. How does one choose the right plant for their space? Is there a way to find beautiful plants without breaking the bank? In what ways do plants support health and wellness? What's the best way to get stunning floral arrangements in 2018? Can we acquire flowers from our phones now? We'll be answering all of these questions for you and then some. 

Welcome To Plant Month
Photographed by Anna Powell Teeter.

We also plan to talk about California's newest legalized plant, also known as marijuana. Several innovative cannabis companies are elevating the marijuana industry, and we're getting the scoop on how and why. And, when it comes to paraphernalia, there are a few sleek new gadgets to know about that can also bring a design element to your shelves and table tops. 

With all the aforementioned stories being said, we're really looking forward to knowing what you want to learn about in the realm of greens and florals. Let us know, and we'll do the dirt digging for you — no pun intended. 

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