A First Peek At Marie Kondo's KonMari Course

The queen of KonMari just launched her own digital course.

Marie Kondo Wants To School Us In Tidying Up
Courtesy of KonMari Media Inc.

If there was ever a time to spark more joy, the time is now.

On Thursday, September 24, the reigning queen of Tidying Up and popular Netflix personality, Marie Kondo, announced the launch of a brand new digital offering — KonMari MethodTM: Fundamentals of Tidying.

In keeping with a globally embraced Zoom culture, the 10-part, interactive crash course dives deep into everything you could possibly need to know in order to get your space back into tip-top shape and sparking joy once again. Hosted by Kondo, the course unpacks the tried and true KonMari Method using visual cues and a downloadable checklist, providing ample motivation for both organizational pros and total tidying up novices.

While bringing a home organization expert into your space might feel a little farfetched right now, consider Kondo's approach — priced at $39 for all 10 sessions — the next best thing.

To learn more about KonMari MethodTM: Fundamentals of Tidying see here — or take a peek at the course trailer below.

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