Welcome To Passion Month At Lonny

February is all about passions.

Welcome To Passion Month At Lonny
Designed by Briana Gagnier for Lonny.

All January long, we celebrated Clean Slate Month, focusing on ways to refresh your space for the year ahead. Now that you have cleared your head and home (possibly with a Marie Kondo-inspired cleaning kick), the time has come to manifest positivity, drive, and love into your life. That's why we are declaring February as Passion Month at Lonny.

We are constantly in awe of people who tap into what they truly feel passionate about to create businesses, get creative, and work to create change in the world around them. Whether it's starting a side hustle, pursuing a dream, or even finding joy in designing a space, we plan to highlight many of these inspiring stories.

We also can't ignore that this month has a special holiday that celebrates another kind of passion, too. Whether you need gift ideas for your special someone or design-forward items that focus on self-love, we'll have you covered!

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As Lonny's Editor, you can find me writing about interior tips, scouting out the coolest new spots, and rallying behind amazing female entrepreneurs. You can reach me at shelby.wax@livingly.com or on Instagram @shelbywax.
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