The Trendiest Landscaping Projects For 2018

Houzz gives us the outside scoop.

The Trendiest Landscaping Projects For 2018
Photographed by Rikki Snyder for Houzz.

Thinking of doing some work on your yard? Well you better get up on the most popular landscaping trends. Houzz just conducted a survey of U.S. homeowners who are working on or recently completed an outdoor project to get the details of how people across the country are freshening up their homes. Worn down or damaged yards are the number one cause for landscaping projects. In fact, 10% of homeowners say that recent natural disasters and climate conditions are to blame.  While one third of the projects are small updates under $5,000, over half will cost $10,000 or more.

Among the most popular additions? Amping up the backyard decor. Whether adding in lounge furniture or fire pits, Americans want to get their home entertaining ready. A whopping 35% of outdoor living updates include hanging string lights to give a backyard that perfect glow. Another trend is exterior spaces are getting high tech. Nearly one in five homeowners upgraded their entertainment systems outdoors with TVs, speakers, and even charging hubs.

Check out the infographic below and visit Houzz to learn more about how folks are landscaping in 2018.

The Trendiest Landscaping Projects For 2018
Courtesy of Houzz.

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