5 Pinterest-Certified Hacks To Fix The Worst Plant Problems

Pin to pretty plants.

5 Pinterest-Certified Hacks To Fix The Worst Plant Problems
Photographed by Anna Powell-Teeter.

Whenever we are stressed out about how to take care of our houseplants, we can always trust Pinterest will be there with helpful hacks to bring our green babies back to life. Whether you need to learn how to properly pot a new find from the nursery or keep a fiddle leaf fig in good health, these tricks can help you through. To cure you of your black thumb, we rounded up five simple tips from Pinterest to help you go green.

Nutrient Deficiency

Need a great DIY fertilizer? You just need eggshells, water, and an empty container to make a fixture to increase your green babies’ calcium and potassium levels.

Unruly Shrubs

Are your plants getting out of control? Check out this guide on how to prune your plants properly.

Heavy Pots

Filling up your pots entirely with soil can lead to impossible-to-move plants. One Pinterest hack? Fill up the bottom with packing peanuts.

H20 & UV Issues

Finding that perfect balance between water and sunlight might feel impossible. However with the correct care they can live 10 times longer!

Rotting Roots

The trick to make sure your plant pots drain perfectly? Line them with a coffee filter. They will prevent dirt from draining and still allow water through to prevent rotting roots.

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