Welcome To Style Month At Lonny

Embracing our ever-evolving style.

Welcome To Style Month At Lonny
Designed by Briana Gagnier.

Although we are a design-focused team by nature, and what we really lose our marbles over is an iconic mid-century chair, we can't deny that we also find endless inspiration in the way one expresses themselves through the way they dress. And, albeit exciting, we're not referring to fashion week. We're simply talking about the unique way one translates their needs — from functionality to just a small boost of confidence — into style. 

We've featured the Nashville home of fashion designer Savannah Yarborough, and we gushed over Edie Parker's take on home design. We dabble in style here and there because, let's face it, design and style are inherently connected. To have an sense of personal style is, at it's core, a form of personal expression — a thing well-worth celebrating. So, this month, we're letting the realms of design – art, interiors, and style — run wild together. What does that mean, exactly? We'll be featuring leaders in the style space, drawing connections between home and fashion, discussing why these realms go hand-in-hand, and praising all types of creative expression through style. 

Each of the editors at Lonny is beyond excited to bring forth their other  design interests this month, as we weave in features that focus on new fashion businesses with a cause, exciting style discoveries, and even our own favorite finds. Because as it just so happens, our team is the perfect example of the inevitable overlapping of style and home — each Lonny editor brings forth an always-evolving sense of stylistic expression.  This September, we can't wait to share our perspective on the colliding worlds with you. Stay tuned! 

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