Here's How To Do Plants Like A Pro

Plant lovers, take notes.

Tips And Tricks To Plant Styling With Decorist
Photographed by Reid Rolls for Decorist.

There's no time like spring to introduce a little plant life into your space.

Sure, you could always go down the conventional house plant route (fiddle leaf fig, anyone?) or you could embrace the month of change and opt for something a little more out-of-the-box instead.

In a bid to ensure you're well across plant styling 101, we touched base with Decorist interior designer Briana Nix, to decipher how to bring some serious lush factor indoors this season.

If the following plant problems sound all too familiar, you're not alone.

If You're Tired Of The Same Old House Plant... Go Grassy.
Turns out, the grass isn't always greener. Opt for a low maintenance, on-trend alternative to the usual indoor culprits, and introduce a little pampas grass to your living spaces. This modern, dry variety serves as a welcome addition to the home and is the perfect anti-bloom — not to mention it's incredibly Instagrammable.

"Pampas is all the rage right now — and for good reason," explains Nix.
"It can add softness to any interior, particularly if you're working with modern pieces and metallic elements." The added bonus? It'll last you a really long time.

Tips And Tricks To Plant Styling With Decorist
Photographed by Julia Sperling for Decorist.

If You Can't Seem To Keep Anything Alive... Go With The Faux.
Not all that long ago, we would have turned our noses up at the mere suggestion of rubber plants. My, how far we've come. With so many realistic options now available, it's never been easier to fake it.

"Rubber plants always offer the perfect shade of green to balance out bright, white walls," adds the designer. "Plus, the shape of the leaves provide quirkiness to any room, without trying too hard."

Tips And Tricks To Plant Styling With Decorist
Courtesy of Decorist.

If Your Space Could Use A Little Warmth... Go For Skinny Stems.
Light, delicate stems — like bamboo leaves — will instantly warm up a room, while providing a gorgeously subtle, spring-time touch to even the starkest of spaces. "Soft greens will keep a bright interior from feeling cold," says Nix.
"Look for greens with smaller leaves and thinner stems, to ensure the room doesn’t form a dark spot often caused by a heavier, leafier plant."

To learn more about Decorist or for more plant styling tips and tricks, see here.

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