Small-Space Decorating Tip: Opt for Sconces

What to do when square-footage is precious? Ditch the table lamp and go with wall-bound lighting.

Don't even get us started on the benefits of a good table lamp. Until recently, you would have found us here at Lonny HQ, squinting away in the dark as we typed off a post before quitting time—to avoid the harsh overhead lighting in our office, of course. Then we got table lamps and we instantly became better human beings. But what if you're short on space and can't stand what overhead lighting is doing to your interiors? Enter the sconce, that petite wall fixture that imparts so much style and beauty we can't even quantify it.

Small-Space Decorating Tip: Opt for Sconces

Versatile and endlessly useful, sconces can coordinate with less desirable overhead lighting to create ambience that's both stylish and livable. What's more, in a small room or decor space—say, over a corner desk or in a nook off the dining room—they clear up valuable table space and free-up the floor with their lack of cord clutter, resulting in a seamless effect that looks considered as heck. If you live in a rental, talk with your landlord about getting a couple of these babies installed—it can be a bit expensive but most definitely worth it. And if you don't—well, what are you waiting for?

Small-Space Decorating Tip: Opt for Sconces
Genevieve Garruppo / Lonny

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