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Spring Cleaning For People Who Hate Spring Cleaning

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28. Reach For Pantry Essentials
Want to give your home a deep, thorough clean, but are too lazy to order supplies? Chances are, your go-to products are already lurking in your pantry. According to Ana Andres, co-founder of TidyChoice, baking soda can successfully cut through grease and food stains.

"Our top cleaning recipe is a solution of [that], water, and vinegar," she says. "Watch the baking soda dissolve mess with ease."

Want to get rid of water stains and marks? Cut open a lemon. (Seriously.)

"Simply rub it on stainless-steel appliances," Andres says. "For any tougher marks, sprinkle a layer of salt straight onto the lemon."

And, if your home is smelling less-than-amazing, make a fresh pot of coffee. "After making a [batch], leave the beans out to fully dry," she shares. "When [ready], pop [them] into a bowl and place inside your kitchen cupboards. A few hours later, the beans will have absorbed any bad smells."

( can learn more about how to use these easy cleaning products here.)