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Spring Cleaning For People Who Hate Spring Cleaning

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30. Mitigate Your Mess
If you don't want to spend hours on end cleaning, you might want to consider tidying up your space a little bit each day. It might sound counterintuitive, but this step can make a huge difference — not to mention save you plenty of time.

"If you let your stovetop accumulate baked-in messes and you cook several meals a week before you actually [tend to it], it’s going to be difficult to clean," shares Sean Busch, CEO and co-founder of Puracy. "However, if you [do it] after each use or at the end of each day, it’s much easier to [maintain]. There’s still moisture in any spills and it’s still fresh on the surface of the stovetop."

If you're struggling to keep your home tidy, you might be in the midst of a cleaning rut. To help, check out our tips for getting your chores mojo back.