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Target Just Won Spring With These Gorgeous Launches

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Courtesy of Target.
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Cue the round of applause, because Target just won spring. In a bright, bold, and beautifully visual display, the major retailer just gave Lonny the first look at their upcoming spring home collections — let's just say you're going to want to spend a lot of your time outdoors.

From lush, intrepid textiles, to party-ready patio furniture and linen-clad egg chairs, to say we're impressed would be a serious understatement. "Spring is a celebration of new beginnings — and it's also the perfect time to breathe fresh life into your home," explains Target's senior vice president and general merchandise manager, Jill Sando.

“Whether your aesthetic is more modern or eclectic, farmhouse or classic, Target has everything you’ll need to create your own stylish oasis at a truly affordable price point.”

Target have certainly catered for a variety of different tastes, boasting three diverse brand extensions within the home space — namely Threshold, Opalhouse, and Project 62. Want to see more? Take a stroll through our curated gallery for an exclusive first look at what to expect come spring. Bring on the blooms and balmy weather, we say.

Opalhouse Southport Linen Egg Chair, $399.99, Target; Opalhouse Square Tassels Outdoor Pillow in Aqua, $19.99, Target.