Chris Pratt's Perfect Country House

Our imaginary dream husband has decamped to our imaginary dream house

We have a confession: the entire Lonny office has a full-blown crush on Chris Pratt. While we frequently argue over whether we love the chubbier, #dadbod Chris Pratt a la Parks & Recreation, or the buff, GQ-covering, Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt, there's no debate over our man's off-the-charts charm level. His adorable wife Anna Faris and son Jack don't hurt either. The Jurassic World star does seem to be harboring one secret though—a new country house that looks like it should belong to Bill Compton. 

The couple have been sharing snaps of the enviable digs on Twitter and Instagram, but we're dying to know where the dreamy home is located. The mossy oak trees—which Pratt beautifully captioned, "I love oaks. Never been a tree hugger. Don't care for that term. I will hug the hell outta this damn oak. I love oaks."—rocking chairs, and wide front porch leads us to believe the family has set up an outpost down South. Wherever it is, we'll be closely watching for more snaps of the adorable guitar-playin', porch-swingin', toddler-chasin' family as they set up house.

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