Lena Dunham's Selfie Connection to the Design World's Latest Obsession

lena dunham | lonny.com
(Photo: @lenadunham)
As devoted watchers of HBO's Girls, you could say we're in the cult of Dunham. For the uninitiated that's Lena, the show's creator and star, protege of Judd Apatow and all around modern lady to admire. Got it? Get ready for six degrees of Lena Dunham's selfie: She recently snapped this photo wearing a graphic print dress by fashion line DusenDusen. Known for its easy, mod-inflected pieces in patterns inspired by everything from Scandinavian textiles to Google maps, the brand also just happens to have a link to one of the buzziest companies of this week's Sight Unseen OFFSITE, Print All Over Me. The online community/e-tailer allows you to upload your own patterns and have them printed on a rotating selection of cool clothing and accessories. For OFFSITE, they expanded this genius initiative to furniture and lighting, collaborating with select pattern masters, including, wait for it, DusenDusen.

print all over me | lonny.com
A DusenDusen pattern cushions a chair by Eric Trine at the SightUnseen OFFSITE. (Photo: @dusendusen)
There are many great minds involved in this moment of interior-fashion-television-celebrity-instaglory, so we'll help break it down for you. Here are all the parties you need to follow right now: @lenadunham, @dusendusen, @printalloverme, and @_sightunseen_

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