Why We've Got a Massive Case of Brimfield FOMO

Hunting for vintage treasures at the East Coast's best flea market is the only thing we want to be doing right now.

Are the Monday blues hitting you pretty hard right about now? Could it be that today's fall-like weather is downright perfect and you're stuck at a desk? Or is it because the world-renowned Brimfield Antique Show just ended and you didn't get to go? Yeah, us too. (*sobbing emoji face*) For those of you in the dark, as flea markets go, Brimfield is the East Coast's mecca of treasure hunting. Already in its 56th year of patinaed goodness, there's something for everybody there—from über trendy Moroccan rugs to tarnished, monogrammed flatware. Thanks to Instagram, it's almost like we were right there with the savvy shoppers as they trolled the five-day event. What did we discover? Scroll down for a sampling of just some of the epic snaps caught by our favorite eagle-eyed pickers. 

@whatisinmyworld captured a #floorcore snap of an overdyed pink patchwork rug. 

Beneath the string lights of a big tent, old-school wooden theater seats were just one of the many one-of-a-kind finds @jamie.richter caught in her Brimfield photo. 

Lifestyle blog @gardeniasandmint found a cheeky silver dog show trophy that was just too good to pass up. 


"Loved sifting through a lot of funky jewelry, old maps, and a few bright prints," wrote @eachmomentfully of her colorful picture. "It's pretty neat to imagine the stories behind all the items at the show. I couldn't stop admiring this map and wondering where it had been!"


@william_picante spotted a stack of perfectly weathered Coca-Cola crates that would make any serious collector smile.

We experienced some serious rug envy from @ninademetra's picture, featuring just a few of the insanely beautiful rugs that make their way to central Massachusetts every year for the big event. 

Blue-and-white addict @hellodallau proves that Brimfield is the place to stock up on timeless china and ginger jars. 

@junipervintage's vintage banner spotting inspired us to tape one to the wall for instant color and charm. 

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