Does Your City Have the Best #Floorcore?

We're mapping the best floors around the world. Here's how to represent...

Photo: @sincerelyjules via @tilephile

The coolest thing about starting the #floorcore hashtag on Instagram has been getting to see your gorgeous photos from all over the world. Sure, we thought we had some fair floors here in New York City, but we had no idea Veracruz's hex-tile game was so on point, or that the color-slicked streets of Edinburgh would leave us swooning. 

Photo: @drye__
Photo: @drye__
Photo: @colleensafford

You've shared over 2,500 (!!!) inspiring #floorcore photos from Cartagena to Cape Town and it got us thinking: Does one city reign supreme when it comes to spotting beauty underfoot? To find out—and to stir up some healthy competition—we're adding one more element to your gorgeous 'grams. Keep tagging #floorcore AND include a tag for #floorcore[yourcity]. You'll see more cool floors nearby and more local floorcore lovers like yourself! Don't forget to add a geotag to your Instas—we'll pin them to our interactive Pinterest board so you can map who's snapping the best floors around the world.

Forgive us for giving #FloorcoreNewYork a little head start?

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