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Tavi Gevinson Shares Why She Loves Living Alone

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When we first got a peek into Tavi Gevinson's life, it was in her childhood bedroom in Oak Park, Illinois when she started up her blog Style Rookie at age 11. A decade later, she is balancing careers as the editor-in-chief of Rookie Mag and as an actress while living solo at 300 Ashland in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood.

"I have lived alone since I was 18," shares Gevinson. "I loved having a roommate. I loved splitting time between my place and my boyfriend’s. But to actually have a home that is just mine is very important to me. Especially at this time in my life."

No longer a rookie in single living, the creative designed a unique home that multi-tasks as a living space, office, and library to her many collections. Ahead, she shares what the space means to her.