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The Artist Putting Your Feelings Into Works

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Courtesy of Tictail.
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Illustrator Grace Miceli is more interested in selling her works as shirts or stickers than as an original drawing. Why? Because the art is more accessible that way. She's been illustrating for about six years, and at this point in her career, Miceli's first priority is connecting with her audience. 

"Whatever it is I'm dealing with, I try to express that in my works. I want to admit what I’m struggling with, and maybe that will inspire others to do the same," the artist explains. Her work, featured on Tictail and in their New York store, pairs deep-rooted feelings with nostalgic items and snacks of our pasts, such as Tony the Tiger and Goldfish.

We spoke with Miceli to better understand the motives behind her cheeky pieces, and found out there's much more to her craft than rainbows and butterflies — quite literally. Read ahead for a peek inside this artist's inspiration.